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Tel: 065-839-6247


A Dream That Has Been Cooking for Years

Hello! My name is Luciano Improta, I am from Napoli, Italy. I was born to two jewelry business owners. Growing up, I was the sous-chef for a popular restaurant in my hometown.

During these years, I learned the recipes and secret techniques and developed a passion for Italian food and its simple yet sophisticated ingredients. 


About 12 years ago, I moved to Thailand and followed my parents' footsteps by starting a jewelry business here. During my free time, I would invite my friends and family over and cook for them, and everyone absolutely loves the food! 


“Luciano, why don’t you open a restaurant? Luciano, follow your dream!”


And that’s how Brunello was born. I returned to what I love most…  Authentic but affordable Italian food with true Italian ingredients. 

I welcome you to join me at Brunello, and I promise you…

You will NOT be disappointed!

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